I used to fight Nazis…Now I’m a Geocache..

It was a time of high adventure..

I was an Ammo Can fresh off the boat the first time I saw combat..we were storming some beach in France. Taking on those Nazi dirtbags.

My partner at the time was always at the head of the column…those are the kinds of people I like to partner with. Adventurous people…people who aren’t afraid of a little danger…people that know what it means to live.

We saw our fair share of the action and had some close calls..but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I don’t like to brag but..my camouflage green exterior saved us a bunch of times in Europe. Where a shinier less experienced Ammo Can would had given away my partner’s position too easily.

But that was almost 70 years ago..

Now my days are quieter but still filled with adventure.

I partnered up with a GeoCacher in the Midwest…to show these other Geocachers how it’s really done. They thought their Cache spots were hidden…but they weren’t…they thought they blended in…but they didn’t…they thought they knew what adventure was…we showed them.

My partner always said, “Nothing ruins a geocache faster than getting to the location and finding the cache in plain sight

After doing a couple runs with him, he sure is right, why would your geocache…hidden in the woods…be in an ORANGE BOX????

I mean..if these guys had a partner as experienced as me, they’d know a thing or two about hiding a proper cache.

Luckily for you though, I have some old buddies willing to help

Some of my old army friends are looking to get into this geocache thing..all experienced WW2 Ammo Boxes that know how to throw down…and how to blend in.

With my buddies you’ll get real live Ammo Boxes that saw what battle was like…camouflage specialists to help you build interesting geocaches that people will rave about.

With these pros you won’t have to worry about things getting inside and ruining the cache.

You won’t have to worry about Cache storage space.

AND you’ll be able to set up themed, one of a kind geocaches.

So here’s how you get a pro on your team:

  1. Click buy now below
  2. Send $15.99 via paypal
  3. Send us your mailing address – email us at graham.rowe5 @ gmail . com
  4. Get you World War 2 ammo box and set up an awesome geocache


Ammo Box WW2 Img 2

Andy The Ammo Box

P.S. If you have a problem with the combat buddy we sent you, send him back for a full refund!